New Year’s Anime Resolution 2013

January 4, 2013

Hello, and a belated Happy New Year to everyone. 😀 Hope these first three days have been good ones. 😛 Myself, I was feeling pretty good and optimistic… until I found out that the price of Kobato (a series I started collecting this Christmas) volume 5 has shot up to about £80. I swear I checked out the prices of every volume in early December before committing to buy! Oh, and I’ll likely be out of a job come February. But compared to the manga issue, that’s nothing. Even if it means I’ll have less money to spend on manga. Priorities – who needs them?

Art by omaru09

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Autumn 2011 Anime – Final Thoughts

December 31, 2011

A short concluding post to this season, since only 8 of the 17 series I picked up have come to an end. But that is a good thing; I wouldn’t want to have to pick up any more than 8 shows to replace them, there’s not much next season that appeals to me. 😛 Rankings-wise, nothing has moved up or down since my first impressions posts, but my overall thoughts or reasons for liking/disliking many of the series have developed and changed since then. So as usual, starting with the weakest:

8: Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon

Maybe I’d have understood the plot if I’d tried harder, or maybe it really is just a strangely paced and overly complex mess that only makes sense if you’ve read the light novels. I don’t know. What I do know is, this anime was never a chore to watch. I never felt bored, it didn’t make me facepalm or headdesk in bewilderment, nor did it leave me angered at the wasted potential. I don’t know how it managed that, but the most negative thing I can say about Horizon is that I didn’t understand it, and probably won’t watch the sequel as a result.

Rating: 2.5/5

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2011 Anime GARem!

December 22, 2011

This year has certainly been a better year than last for awesome male characters! Some of those which made my list fit the usual GAR requirements (inspiring, incredibly manly, look as though they could punch through a brick wall. Norio Wakamoto’s voice desirable, but not compulsory); however, I’ve thrown in a number of others who are just as awesome in other ways. Here it is:

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2011 Anime Harem!

December 17, 2011

I’m not entirely sure why I still do this… probably because it takes all of about 10 minutes to throw together, and it’s a chance for me to show some appreciation for anime characters with little regard to how much I enjoyed/how highly I rated the shows they came from. Anyways, here is my anime harem of 2011:

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ACAA 2011 – AJ’s Top 12 Anime of the Year!

December 11, 2011

In recent months my blog has grown from something only my friends knew about (and rarely posted on), to a site with an appreciable amount of views and a small but awesome group of regular followers. I figure it’s time to try and open up a bit to the wider blogging world, and what better place to start than with kiddtic’s Ani Blogger’s Choice Anime Awards! (click the link for info, rules etc). I was always going to do a Top 10 anime list anyway, so why not start two weeks early and add two extra series. 🙂

And so it begins…

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2011 Anime – Best 10 ED Themes

December 7, 2011

With the OPs now covered, it’s time for my favorite EDs of the year! This was a much harder list to narrow down, and I had to leave out a few tunes that I really liked, but overall I’m happy with the list as it stands.

A lot of the series names will be the same as those in the OP post, but won’t necessarily be in the same order. I usually find that if a series has a good opening, chances are I’ll also like the ending theme, even though it is rarely by the same artist or may even be a completely different style of music altogether. Also, a lot of the other anime I watched this year (mostly on the generic harem/ecchi side)  just happened to have boring, forgettable tracks for both themes… in my opinion, of course. 😛

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2011 Anime – Best 10 OP Themes

December 1, 2011

A bit earlier than last year, but meh. It’s December, there’s unlikely to be any new OPs until next season, so why leave everything until the end of the month? Of course, I’ll be leaving things like my favorite series of the year until then since so many good ones are still airing, and my opinions may still change.

Why do I bother with these OP/ED posts? Well, they’re more than just the first/last minute and a half of an episode for me. Anime themes make up a good 90% of the songs I listen to in general (the other 10% being a weird mix of anything from John Martyn to The Darkness), so see this as an opportunity to find out about and judge me on my taste in music. 😛 In 2010 the only info I provided aside from my own comments was the series names and links to the themes on Youtube, but this time I’ll also include song titles and artists.

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