Spring 2018 Mid-Season Rankings

May 20, 2018

Another season half-way finished already, and once again I’ve stuck to my guns and picked up a mere eight series. Here’s what I went with, and what I think of them all:

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April 28, 2018

Time to go back to that anime series poll I did back in January – first I reviewed Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala, which got the most votes from my readers (and was very good). But how will one of the runners up, Betterman, fare in comparison?


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Cosplay photos (Minamicon 2018)

April 14, 2018

A few posts back I promised to share photos of my most recent cosplays, so here we go~

All professional photos were taken and uploaded free of charge by Nert (http://www.manylemons.co.uk/) or Russel Fenton (https://www.flickr.com/photos/foxseye/), so be sure to check out their pages to see some of the convention’s other wonderful costumes. 😀

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Winter 2018 End of Season Rankings

April 8, 2018

Late, because of Violet Evergarden continuing for a week after everything else finished. But here are my final thoughts on this season’s shows (the ones that ended, at least)!

I mentioned in my mid-season post that I had no plans to pick anything else up. Of course, that didn’t prevent me from making plans later on. 😛 What were the two late additions to my lineup, and how did they fare compared with the six others? Read on to find out…

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Still alive!

March 17, 2018

It’s been a few weeks since I posted here, my apologies! I was at an anime convention (Minamicon) last weekend, and was busy preparing for said convention the week before. I’ve fallen behind significantly on my weekly anime, so have spent all my evenings catching up on that. And I’ve been really busy at work on top it all off.

[HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_20.55_[2018.02.09_21.26.35]

How I felt yesterday before finally getting my first proper night’s sleep in over a week.

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Winter 2018 Mid-Season Rankings

February 17, 2018

Old habits die hard, there’s no way I’m going to completely avoid sharing my thoughts on what I’m watching. 😛 I picked up a mere 8 anime series this season, so now that I’m half-way through them, here they are in order from least amazing to most spectacular~

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Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala

February 11, 2018

As promised, a review of the series that won the recent blog poll, Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala! 😀

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