Happy New Year! 2018

January 7, 2018

A very belated Happy New Year to all my readers! My apologies, I was feeling a bit burned out after putting together all those end of year lists, marathoning manga to reach my ridiculously high Goodreads Challenge, and all the various other things I wanted to get out of the way by the end of 2017.


Keeping with the tradition of Etotama screenshots – sorry, Juuni Taisen!

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Dragon’s Loyalty Award – 7 Facts about AngryJellyfish

July 4, 2015

I can’t remember the last time I made a post on here that wasn’t a weekly rankings post or end of year Top 12 list… Hopefully this won’t be the last, but as ever I make no promises, since I’ll only end up breaking them!

So I was given the Dragon’s Loyalty Award by Medieval Otaku over a month ago, and while I won’t be nominating anyone else for it since I’m not a big fan of chain letters and the like, I still greatly appreciate the gesture, so will be fulfilling the ‘share 7 things other bloggers may not know about you’ part of the award. 🙂

This Summer season may end up being a good one for dragons in anime, what with all the fantasy shows!

This Summer season may end up being a good one for dragons in anime, what with all the fantasy shows!

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AngryJellogation – 5 Questions

August 19, 2012

Over the past few days I’ve seen quite a few of these Aniblogger Interrogation posts on the blogs I frequent, and tonight I finally had the honour of being tagged in one myself by Caraniel (whose blog I so nearly beat in that tourney a few months ago :razz:). For anyone who hasn’t come across this latest chain game yet, or who is simply confused by my post title, here are the rules:

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Update – AngryJellyFails Again!

April 13, 2012

On April the 4th, a week after one of the hottest days of the year, my phone line was brought down in a strong blizzard which I assumed was an April fools joke when I heard the forecast three days before. This took out my phone and internet. We were quick to report the problem, and BT were quick to respond, saying they’d fix it within four working days. The problem is, working days are in short supply over Easter… so it ended up being seven days overall. And then I had a power cut the morning after it was fixed, just to troll me further.

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Aniblog Tourney II – Onwards to Victory!

April 3, 2012

I’ve entered my blog into this year’s Aniblog Tourney – basically, a huge tournament to decide which is the ‘best’ (or most popular at least) anime/manga related blog out there. Ironically, I find myself pitted against the person who suggested I go for it, the person who recommended my blog to the people running it in the first place; long time co-leader of TSR’s Anime Society, Caraniel, and her Ramblings.

She’s watched more anime and read more manga than me, has been blogging far longer than me, has covered a much wider range of subjects and series than me, and has been more active in the wider blogosphere than me. What do I have to compete with that? Well… I have traps… and superior MS Paint skills… My hair is pretty awesome too, but that’s not going to help me here. Basically, I’m relying on sympathy votes and the luck of the Welsh. 😛

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6 Week Course + OCD = Time to Stall Some Anime?

February 9, 2012

I’ve signed up for another training course, this time one that’ll last six weeks (though sadly I won’t be staying in luxury accommodation this time). On paper, the first two weeks look to be more of the same, but hopefully a bit less intensive since they’ve got twice as many days to go over it. 😛 The four weeks that follow are what I’m really interested in, however… Read the rest of this entry »

Winter 2012 Early Impressions… Not Just Yet.

January 28, 2012

Well, I’ve watched the first episode of everything this season, excluding shorts and sequels to shows I didn’t watch first time around. Based on their first eps, I picked up around half of them (8 series) and dropped the rest. I’ve now seen three episodes of every show I picked up, and around about that time every season is when I usually post my early impressions of them all. But I won’t be doing so this time, because I’m seriously struggling to rank them.

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