Pub Quiz!

February 10, 2010

Living in the middle of nowhere, the fortnightly pub quiz down in the village is the only social event I have to look forward to, aside from irregular visits to friends. And the experience is made all the more fun when our team wins. 😀

‘Our team’ is made up of my mother and father (which is where the ‘old’ part of the name comes from), two friends of the family, and myself. We’re called ‘Yr Hen Bro Hedd Wyn Celts’. Literally ‘The Old Blessed Peace Valley Celts’, named after the local primary school’s football team, which is named after the school itself, which in turn is named after the village’s only celebrity, the Welsh poet Hedd Wyn, except that’s just his pen name. Not my choice of name obviously, if it were left to me we’d be called ‘Team AngryJellyfish’. I feel it has a nice ring to it.

I doubt they’d agree with the name choice though, as I’m largely useless when it comes to the quiz questions themselves – I suck at sport, at film and TV (why are the questions never related to Japanese animation?), and my knowledge of ‘current affairs’ is limited to whatever interesting sounding news articles show up on Yahoo! when I go to check my emails. Geography/science questions are my only real strength. But today we had an anagram round, and I’m the only one in the group who can make any sense of them. My dad solved one, I solved the other nine (that last one took effort though), and we were the only team to get the full set. First time I’ve felt of use to someone since my job as Aberystwyth Anime Society translator was usurped taken over by someone who’s actually a student, and who actually lives in Aber…