Bath time!

February 2, 2010

I went to have a bath earlier. And, just so you know, this house’s water is heated by a coal powered rayburn. Which my mother had forgotten to add fuel to. So the water was cold (as was my room, I should have guessed something wasn’t right). I could tell it was cold even before putting my foot in it because it was brown – if our central heating system wasn’t quirky enough, we also get our water from a spring. Free, yes, but silty. Someone should really go and fix that filter… meh. Anyway, when the water is cold, it is silty unless you let it run for a minute or so. And that minute’s worth of mud ended up in the bathtub while I had my back turned and was getting changed. No way was I getting in that, I’d be dirtier than I was before!

My mother admitted the mistake, and allowed me to turn on the extortionate immersion heater which (through infrequent use by a family of seven) adds about £100 a month to our electricity bill apparently. I let that do its thing for a good 45 minutes, while I watched last week’s ep of Cross Game and posted rubbish on a student forum. And then I went to run the bath again, this time holding a sieve underneath the tap. Slight brown colouration is one thing, but dead bugs and plant debris are another thing entirely. Not in my bath! In the end, it was about as clean as I could expect from this house. But still cold. Very, very cold. But warmer than my room, so I though ‘what the hell’ and got in anyway.

Where’s the shampoo? Oh, there isn’t any. Brilliant. Why do I never, ever think to look for these things beforehand?