Lima Oscar Lima

February 3, 2010

I’m unemployed, hence why I have enough spare time to write this rubbish. But I am searching for work, and the message I seem to be getting from employers is that my qualifications are all well and good, but I need experience, or at least some knowledge of how to put all the stuff I’ve learned to use in the real world. (Wish they’d drummed that into my head at an earlier age, instead of focusing fully on getting me to college/uni). Anyway, last week the job centre decided I’d benefit from attending ‘Skills for Work’, a two day course in which we get to play ‘Call my Bluff’ and learn the NATO phonetic alphabet. Or at least that’s what we covered today, on the first of the two days… Who wouldn’t want to employ me now?

I’ve often complained that North Wales isn’t a good place for an anime fan. The book shops are so small that they don’t sell manga, already a niche part of even the biggest chain stores, and the same can be said for DVD retailers and anime. As a result, not many people here have even heard of it. I only became a fan through a chance encounter with Chobits vol.1 in Waterstones while visiting Reading, but that’s another story. Anyway, out of the eight people who showed up for this course, four were anime fans. Now if I was to be really unscientific and take this small sample as representative of the whole of the local area, it would mean that 50% of people here are anime fans! I’ve clearly been talking to the wrong people all these years! Or, I could look at it this way: 50% of unemployed people are anime fans. Meh, statistics suck anyway.

Next post same time tomorrow, as usual. 🙂