May 31, 2010

Well, I did warn you…

So far I’ve failed to track down any barbecue pictures, or attempt a female version of my awesome-meh chart. I’m too busy trying to catch up on anime, while at the same time raging about ongoing internet problems. I may get around to these things, but don’t hold your breaths. 😛

This weekend my grandad and uncle visited us. Which meant roast lunches on Sunday, fried breakfasts in the mornings, and all the other traditional stuff that my mother doesn’t usually bother with. It also meant a daytrip to Barmouth, which has been a constant tradition every time grandad visits (except Christmas), whatever the weather. The weather this time was thankfully quite sunny, if a little windy. We followed the usual pattern of driving around the carpark for an hour until finding a free space, eating at Rosie’s Diner, giggling in passing at the (to use it’s former name) Carousel Cafe, stopping at the antiques shop (grandad collects WWII cap badges among other things), grabbing tons of sweets at the Weigh Out (like Pic ‘n’ Mix, but more awesome), and then on to the Lobster Pot, which is the only place I’ve ever been that sells whelks (I’ve yet to track down the legendary 24 hour whelk stall in Aberystwyth). The rest get exported to Korea, apparently, not enough demand here in the UK. I can’t get enough of them though. :mrgreen: I was the only one out of all my siblings who went to Barmouth this time, the others seem to have ‘grown out of it’, but TBH I probably look forward to it more nowadays than I did as a child. 😛

In completely unrelated news, it is almost June. Which is a pretty pointless month if you think about it, because stuff like my birthday and the summer anime season don’t happen until July. 😦 But when the new season does come along, I’ll be starting some sort of episodic blog for a series of my choice. Won’t decide which until I’ve sampled the first episode. Don’t expect a huge amount of detail or consistency from these blog posts; like my other posts they’ll probably vary in length and tone depending on the episode and my own mood.


May 23, 2010

Point 1: Turtle-fish isn’t moe.

Of all the inaccurate things I’ve ever seen in anime, this is the most bizarre. I’m waiting for the day it decides to drop the act and massacre them all, bringing the series to a ‘Bad End’ that nobody but the owner of such a turtle-fish would be able to predict. You have been warned.

Point 2: Turtle-fish isn’t food.

Wrong way around, you only eat turtle-fish when in Solviet Russia. It should be the turtle-fish with the knife. Except it doesn’t need one, because it has razor sharp claws. Ours once jumped out of it’s tank and started making it’s way towards the kitchen, and I don’t think it was planning on cooking itself…

Point 3: This guy’s nickname is Suppon, which translates to turtle-fish.

Not ‘Spoon’, as some sub groups would have us believe. And that’s all I have to say on this one.

Anyway, turtle-fish seem to be the ‘in thing’ this season, along with that ‘double mole beneath the eyes’ feature:

Coincidence? Most probably.