AngryJellyfish, Bramble Basher

March 24, 2010

Wouldn’t that make a great TV show title? No, it wouldn’t. But anyway, my father was giving me a lift to Plas Tan y Bwlch for more volunteering earlier, as he works in the garden next door. And he happened to mention that there was filming taking place there the day before, which he assumed was for Celebrity Cash in the Attic. I didn’t think much about it at the time, but as coincidence (or maybe hitsuzen?) would have it, it would be my turn to make my TV debut later that day…

Okay, they weren’t there to film me obviously. They were filming for some TV program called ‘Byw yn yr Ardd’ (that’s Welsh BTW, for ‘living in the garden’). Plas is pretty famous as far as gardens in North Wales go, and so their coming to speak to the gardener there isn’t all that surprising. But at one point they wanted to film him walking from the shed with a few tools, presumably because it would look good on TV, and I happened to be digging up brambles right in that area.

I’d been working there alone most of the morning while the gardener was off being interviewed or something, and I’d made a lot of progress even if I do say so myself. I’m certainly quicker at it than I was on day 1, that’s for sure. But there was this one bramble that I’d tried to pull up a few times, but was refusing to budge, so I thought I’d leave it until last. Then out of nowhere comes the film crew, who explained to me about the gardener – shed – tools filming thing, and asked me whether I was okay with being in the background while they filmed. I said ‘fine, I’ll just carry on’ – I wasn’t going to let them interfere with the (voluntary) work that I’m (not) getting paid to do!

So I turned around to get back to work… and there was the giant, stubborn bramble I mentioned earlier. Pretty much everything else had been dug up by that point. But I had to make myself look busy in case I was on camera, so I finally decided to tackle it. I tried pulling it, the stupid thing got my gloves full of thorns and still refused to budge. And so I dug underneath to loosen it, then pulled it again. And fell over backwards. Twice actually, before it finally gave up the fight.

Though I highly doubt they even noticed any of that, I can’t help but laugh at how lame it would be if I happened to be in the background of their shot at the time or something like that. Maybe even just some loud rustling offscreen as I fell over then picked myself up. Lame, but I’d still show it to all my friends. 😛