One month later…

October 22, 2010

…and I’ve just run out of peppermint tea. Sad times. But I do have plenty of other teas, so I’ll survive. Also loving the postgrad tea room in my department, where else can you get hot drinks for 20p these days? Better than the 50p coffee from a machine that I was forced to make do with before!

But enough about that. Loads of things have happened over the past few weeks, but I’ve not had time to post here. I tried picking up the same number of new anime series that I usually do, but didn’t have enough time for them either, so I dropped a load. And my complete series/giant backlog of unwatched stuff  has hardly been touched. An MSc is a lot of work. Needless to say I can’t blog anime if I can’t watch it, I struggled badly enough when I had all the time in the world!

So yep, this post is just a reminder that I’m alive, and a way to kill time while my usual haunt is down for maintenance. Will there ever be a time when this is regularly updated again? I predict the answer to be yes, mainly on the days leading up to my deadlines, while sitting in doors procrastinating, and trying to forget that things like wind and rain exist.

I mean come on, why must people always try to turn everything to their advantage? Bad weather is annoying enough without people trying and failing to harness its natural, green energies, forcing me to have to write about it. All these advantages and disadvantages, most of which are subjective… Nuclear power is so much easier; it’ll either generate all the energy we could ever need, or wipe us off the face of the Earth. Win – win situation. Right? Right??

Return to Aberystwyth

September 27, 2010

So I’m now back in Aberystwyth, a student once more. Still adjusting to the unfamiliar surroundings that are my new house and bedroom. This move was a week later than planned, thanks to the previous occupant leaving the in no fit state for inhabitation, but I’d only planned on lazing around and watching anime in that time since registration + lectures don’t start until later this week. Now I’m being forced up to campus at 9:30 AM for an induction session the day after arriving, and I expect to be increasingly busy from then onwards.

And it seems that a delayed arrival wasn’t the only bad omen in store for me. I’ve already locked myself out once, forcing me to make my way to the landlady’s house barefoot and without my glasses (don’t ask). Thank goodness she lives just across the road. The fact that getting locked out supposedly happens to everyone doesn’t make me feel any less stupid, it just makes me empathize with the 100s of other idiots (mostly students I’d guess) who’ve probably made the same mistake today.

I had hoped that would be the end of my bad luck, but less than an hour ago I made myself a cup of tea (peppermint – haven’t bought any milk yet)… and my brand new cup started leaking. Cracked right down the side. It’s very reminiscent of my first ever day as a student in Aber, four years ago, when I managed to break the handle clean off a new cup. I ended up keeping that one as a desktop pencil holder for the three years that followed, and that’s what I’ll be using the cup I broke earlier for as well.

To top it all, I swear I was told by the landlady when I first visited the place that it had unlimited broadband. It isn’t, it has a 60 GB download limit. And since there’s 6 of us in the house, I’m can only use 10 GB of that or get into trouble with the other housemates when our connection gets slowed/stopped. Apparently the rest of the house uses some software to monitor their usage (and thus prove they’re not to blame if it happens), which I’ve requested they send to me too. As long as I’ve got that to keep count for me, I should be able to keep within my fair share.

But it’s not all bad. My room as it is now is definitely inhabitable, I’ll remember to keep my key on me whenever I lock my door in future, I have a new pencil holder, the three housemates I’ve met all seem nice, and the former occupant’s laziness/forgetfulness means that, as well as all the junk he left lying around that’s now been dumped, he’s also left behind plenty of potentially salvageable food, and a cup to replace the one I broke. WIN.

MSc Managing the Environment

July 1, 2010

I don’t remember mentioning this in any previous blog posts, bizarrely enough, but in September I’ll be taking up a place in Aberystwyth University on their MSc Managing the Environment course. Since I barely scraped through my degree (got lazy in my second year, but proved I could do better in my third) there was limited funding available to me, hence why I’m doing it this coming academic year instead of the one that’s just finished – I couldn’t afford it first time around. But failing to find a job in this time has made saving difficult, so while I was confident I could attend this year and leave without a major debt, I’d have to live like a monk. Good for mind, body, soul, and probably exam results too, but not for my social life or manga collection!

[EDIT] The second half of this post originally went on about a new voucher scheme which would have significantly decreased my tuition fees, but it seems my tutor was incorrect when he said I was eligible. 😦 Ah well, as I said I’m confident I can survive. I’ve a few old games, books and DVDs I could sell on ebay if desperate.