We have a winner!

July 14, 2018

Many thanks to everyone who voted in my second series poll of the year~ It was interesting watching the positions changing over the last fortnight, as the two series that started off in the lead ended up in last place, while the series that initially brought up the rear ended up winning. That series was Kyouryuu Tankentai Born Free!


As before, I’ll hold back any real comments until I’ve watched and reviewed it, but I will say that I’m looking forward to seeing 2D anime and stop motion / practical effects combined. Should be quite the experience, regardless of how good or bad the plot ends up being. 😀


Spring 2018 End of Season Rankings

July 8, 2018

Off-topic reminder: Vote in the poll to decide which (out of a selection of 5 anime series) I should watch next!

Here are my final thoughts on the anime series that both started and finished in the Spring season, the 12 – 13 ep series. People may remember from my mid-season thoughts that I was watching Lupin III, Steins;Gate and Boku no Hero Academia – since they’re still ongoing, I went back and picked up three more series to make up the numbers. Here’s how my lineup looked by the end of the season:

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Poll: Choose what series I watch next! Again!!

June 30, 2018

We’re at the half-way point of the year, so as promised I’m giving my readers another chance to pick what I should watch next (from a small selection from my existing backlog, not out of any series ever, otherwise we’d be here until next June). 😛

The winning series will be reviewed here once I’m done; I may also get around to some of the others afterwards, but there’s no guarantee, so be sure to vote and make sure your favourite comes out on top!


It feels a lot longer ago than 5 months since I watched Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala… great series.

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500 Word Game Reviews: Lands of Lore – The Throne of Chaos

June 16, 2018

Despite loving older games, and playing mostly older games, I’ve just noticed that for some reason all the reviews I’ve posted here have been for games from the 21st Century, aside from The Longest Journey which just about creeps into nostalgia territory with its November 1999 release date… Time to fix that!

Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos (1993) – RPG, PC


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Overman King Gainer

June 3, 2018

And again we return to that series poll from back in January~ I’ve reviewed the winner, Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala, which was very good. I’ve watched one of the joint runners up, Betterman, which was okay.

Following on from that logic, the series that came dead last must be pretty bad, right? Well, there’s only one way to find out…


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Spring 2018 Mid-Season Rankings

May 20, 2018

Another season half-way finished already, and once again I’ve stuck to my guns and picked up a mere eight series. Here’s what I went with, and what I think of them all:

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500 Word Game Reviews: Spirits

May 12, 2018

Not quite ready to post my mid-season anime thoughts, seeing as Steins;Gate 0 was a late starter, so have an early game review instead!

Spirits (2012) – Puzzle, PC.


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