Winter 2018 End of Season Rankings

April 8, 2018

Late, because of Violet Evergarden continuing for a week after everything else finished. But here are my final thoughts on this season’s shows (the ones that ended, at least)!

I mentioned in my mid-season post that I had no plans to pick anything else up. Of course, that didn’t prevent me from making plans later on. 😛 What were the two late additions to my lineup, and how did they fare compared with the six others? Read on to find out…

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Winter 2018 Mid-Season Rankings

February 17, 2018

Old habits die hard, there’s no way I’m going to completely avoid sharing my thoughts on what I’m watching. 😛 I picked up a mere 8 anime series this season, so now that I’m half-way through them, here they are in order from least amazing to most spectacular~

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Winter 2017 Episode Rankings – Week 12

April 2, 2017

And so ends the Winter season, all-bar three or four series that haven’t quite finished yet! The Spring has gotten off to a good start with some big-name sequels that so far have lived up to the hype… but more on those in a week or two, once I’ve finalized my new lineup. For now, here are my final thoughts on the old lineup:


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Winter 2017 Episode Rankings – Week 11

March 26, 2017

No more series ended this week, which probably means one huge post next week where I go through most of the remaining eighteen’s final episodes. 😮 Though preparation is important for big finales, those build-up episodes can sometimes be slow and boring… here’s how they all fared.

A lot of character deaths this week, but it’s hard to be sad about this one when the afterlife looks so fun. 🙂

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Winter 2017 Episode Rankings – Week 10

March 19, 2017

And suddenly, shows are ending! Completely without warning too, as I’ve been too busy over the past couple of weeks to look up the expected episode counts for anything I’m watching. So, back to 18 series it is from next week…

Shinnosuke is the cutest.

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Winter 2017 Episode Rankings – Week 9

March 14, 2017

Still playing catch-up… I’ll admit, I’ve watched a lot of 10th episodes already. Hopefully that won’t lead to too much confusion about what happened in which episode… At any rate, the usual Sunday posts *should* resume this weekend, and hopefully they won’t feel so half-assed either!

Since most of the large jumps and drops are from the same few shows I’ve talked about for the past couple of weeks, I’ll be focusing on some of the smaller ones, but as ever, I’m happy to discuss any of these shows/episodes in the comments~

That scene certainly escalated quickly!

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Winter 2017 Episode Rankings – Week 8

March 9, 2017

Catch-up time! Wow, I’ve fallen behind. I think I’ll keep this post short, partly because my memories of some of the earlier airing episodes are already getting hazy, but also because the Week 9 and even Week 10 episodes are piling up big-time. 😮

There are some things you just shouldn’t say before a big anime battle…

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