Spring 2018 End of Season Rankings

July 8, 2018

Off-topic reminder: Vote in the poll to decide which (out of a selection of 5 anime series) I should watch next!

Here are my final thoughts on the anime series that both started and finished in the Spring season, the 12 – 13 ep series. People may remember from my mid-season thoughts that I was watching Lupin III, Steins;Gate and Boku no Hero Academia – since they’re still ongoing, I went back and picked up three more series to make up the numbers. Here’s how my lineup looked by the end of the season:

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Spring 2018 Mid-Season Rankings

May 20, 2018

Another season half-way finished already, and once again I’ve stuck to my guns and picked up a mere eight series. Here’s what I went with, and what I think of them all:

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Spring 2017 Episode Rankings – Week 12

June 25, 2017

It’s the end of the season~ Usually that means an extra-long final post… but since only seven of the series in my lineup ended this week, it won’t be all that different from usual. 😛 At least I have my average rankings for the entire season at the end to bulk it out a bit!

[Asenshi] Little Witch Academia - 24 [B97E88EB].mkv_snapshot_20.43_[2017.06.25_13.14.05]

A somewhat unexpected #1 for Little Witch Academia, at the end of a lower-scoring second season. It seems all the fuss about the words was worth it after all!

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Spring 2017 Episode Rankings – Week 11

June 18, 2017

Okay WordPress, you win. I’m writing this post on the ‘new, improved’ editor (though it has been out for years now). My main complaint, the lack of ability to copy existing posts to easily re-use the formatting, seems to have been fixed at some point, and seeing as it also lets me change font colours and underline text a whole lot easier than the increasingly-nerfed old editor now, there’s little reason to keep stubbornly resisting.

It’s all very… white, though. And it’s hard to see where my post begins and ends, since it doesn’t have borders around anything. Very unusual design choice, presumably it makes things easier on smartphones or something. They’re another thing I’ll probably give up on resisting at some point. 😛

[HorribleSubs] Shingeki no Kyojin S2 - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_18.28_[2017.06.18_13.01.39]

Nice work by Armin this week! We’ve not seen much of him this series.

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Spring 2017 Episode Rankings – Week 10

June 11, 2017

It was Berserk’s turn to air a recap episode, adding to what must now be a record-breaking number of them for a single season… thankfully, I’ve been an episode behind since it aired two at once in Week 1, so now it’s just gone from being one of the first things I watch each week to one of the last. No gaps in my lineup this time!

Plenty of nice 2D shots in this week’s episode.

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Spring 2017 Episode Rankings – Week 9

June 4, 2017

I don’t know what WordPress have done to their old editor now, but it’s suddenly REALLY hard to format these posts in the way I always have. I mean, removing the ‘underline’ button from the toolbar a while back was an odd thing to do (haha I still have keyboard shortcuts so screw you!), but this latest improvement feature arbitrary change means I can no longer highlight and recolour hyperlinks in one go. I have to virtually do each word individually. Here’s hoping that the last few weeks of the season bring few changes to my Top or Bottom 5…

That means no more surprise drops, SnK! Reiner suddenly giving away his identity makes a lot more sense following this episode.

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Spring 2017 Episode Rankings – Week 8

May 28, 2017

All twenty shows aired as normal, and everything’s as it should be once again. 😀 Apart from my Top 5, which is missing one of its regular inhabitants…

The sheer scale and gruesome nature of the battles in Berserk keep it at #1 again this week~

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