500 Word Game Reviews: Orwell

June 30, 2019

Two game reviews in a row, as I’m not quite ready to make an end of season anime post yet (still waiting on the finales of One Punch Man and Attack on Titan).

I haven’t forgotten about Brain Powerd either, but that’s taking a while for me to get through. ^^’

Orwell (2016) – Simulation, PC


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500 Word Game Reviews: one night, hot springs

June 16, 2019

Since it’s Pride month, and since one of the only comments I’ve received on my TSR thread all year was ‘review new stuff!’, here’s something I stumbled across a while back~

As ever, I hope the text is readable at these lower image resolutions! If not, at least this one costs nothing to download if you want a closer look.

one night, hot springs (2018) – Visual Novel, PC.


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500 Word Game Reviews: The Incredible Machine 3

May 26, 2019

This month, my first experience of The Incredible Machine! A franchise which is nowhere near as big as I first thought, since most of the releases after TIM2 are apparently just ports to newer operating systems, with a few minor improvements… Regardless, here’s what I thought of it:

The Incredible Machine 3 (1995) – Puzzle, PC


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500 Word Game Reviews: Legend of Grimrock

April 28, 2019

As a fan of old grid-based RPGs like Lands of Lore (which I’ve reviewed previously!) and Stonekeep, I was curious whether a more recent take on the genre would still capture that old-school feel. And so:

Legend of Grimrock (2012) – RPG, PC


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500 Word Game Reviews – Elder Sign: Omens

March 16, 2019

This month’s game was SUPPOSED to be Realms of the Haunting, but the 1996 DOS game turned out to be too spooky for me! Couldn’t even make it past the first few rooms, didn’t even run into any enemies, it just freaked me out too much from the get go. 😮

So while I get settled into playing some tame city builder instead, here’s an old review which I haven’t posted here yet. Horror-themed board game conversions, I can just about handle. 😛

Elder Sign: Omens (2013) – Board game, PC.


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500 Word Game Reviews: Age of Wonders II

February 24, 2019

Not all turn-based strategy games can be Heroes of Might and Magic III, but it doesn’t hurt to occasionally look at some of the other franchises which were around at the same time. 🙂

Age of Wonders II: The Wizard’s Throne (2002) – Strategy, PC


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500 Word Game Reviews: Wizardry 8

January 27, 2019

To start off this year’s game reviews, we have Wizardry 8! Despite there being seven games before it, two of which were part of the same ‘Dark Savant trilogy’, this is the first one I’ve played. I have watched the 1991 OVA based on the first game, though – suffers from the usual pacing issues resulting from squeezing a full story into 50 minutes of animation, but I’d recommend it to fantasy anime and RPG fans regardless.

ANYWAY, back to the review, which suffers from the usual issues resulting from squeezing a full game into ~500 words…

Wizardry 8 (2001) – RPG, PC


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