Nothing to report

February 9, 2010

Today was really, really boring. Okay, I watched anime, and it was good, but nothing really inspired me to post. 😦 Though there was a flashback within a flashback in One Piece, which threw me for a while. To make matters worse, my internet is really slow. And though I’m not particularly tired, I do have to get up early tomorrow…

So now that I’ve made over a week’s worth of almost-daily posts, I feel it’s about time I actually looked at and commented on other people’s blogs. But that can wait until tomorrow, when my internet should be faster.

Making Conversation

February 8, 2010

I am back from the land of no internet, which will (hopefully) have internet again soon. At which point I’ll have to start referring to it as Aberystwyth again. They were told it would all be up and running again on Wednesday, and when it wasn’t they changed the date to Saturday, but still nothing. I’ll have to make sure a stable internet connection comes with whatever house I end up living in, or if I have to arrange it myself then I’ll be sure to go with a reliable provider (if they exist)…

So in my last post I was unsure of what we’d end up talking about all weekend. And I failed to see the obvious solution: if we’ve not been watching the same anime recently, why not just marathon two series, two specials and two live action movies over two days? Brilliant!

So first up out of the series was The Skull Man, which started off well but was a bit confusing in the end. But Norio Wakamoto got the last word, so all was good. Then we watched Kemonozume, which was weird from start to finish, but probably made more sense than Skull Man thinking back on it. Toriko was one of the specials, and it was epic; the other was Cencoroll, not so epic. Yatterman made up the first of the live action films. Supposedly a nice, family friendly film, but some of the things those robots did were just wrong… Lastly, weirdest of all, was Survive Style 5+. Featuring Vinnie Jones as himself. And the most awesome looking house ever.

So yeah, we were left with plenty to talk about over food. And with all that stuff to watch + sleeping to do, meals were about the only free time we had left for talking. 😛

The land of no internet…

February 5, 2010

Tomorrow I’ll be visiting friends over at Aberystwyth, which is where I went to university until last May. It’s a nice place. But these friends currently have no internet, and haven’t really had a stable connection for over half a year. They’re anime fans like myself, formerly relying on the internet for their fix of weekly ongoing series, but from what I last heard they’ve not been watching much outside of the university’s anime society. Plenty of other things to do in Aber at least; if I had no internet for, say, the next 6 months, I would struggle to cope. The reserves on my hard drives could last a while if I rationed them carefully, but it wouldn’t be much fun. It would make job searching pretty tricky as well…

Anyway, when we meet up I’ve no idea what we’ll talk about. For me, the past month has all been about the winter anime season, along with a few older series on the side that I know they haven’t watched. For them, I’m guessing it’s been nothing but exams, not the most thrilling topic once you’ve got past the basic ‘how did it go?’ question. In terms of anime, when I last spoke to them properly they hadn’t even seen the endings for some of the spring/summer series of last year. I’m sure the conversations will come easily once I’m there and talking to them, but when I think about how we were living together this time last year, watching a lot of the same series and discussing them over food and at the society etc, it really shows how much things have changed in the last year.

I’ve been updating my blog daily without fail, but this weekend failure is my only option. Next post will probably be Monday. 🙂