Mirai Nikki Episode 26 – THE END

April 19, 2012

Slightly delayed due to my involvement in the Aniblog tourney, but here it is. My final post on Mirai Nikki. Up until now the series had been enjoyable, but I was worried whether they’d be able to bring it to a satisfactory close – especially since a few people had told me the manga’s ending was disappointing in their opinion. Would the anime leave me feeling the same way?

Ep 26 began with Yuki, still in his dreamworld. His chance to see the stars with his parents has finally arrived!

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Mirai Nikki Episode 25

April 15, 2012

There, up to date again! Got to look busy for the Aniblog Tourney voters tomorrow evening! But also, the final episode just aired (for real this time), and I don’t want to be late to that party. 😛

Last episode saw Yuki and Minene team up against Yuno and Murmur. Yuno’s motives are obvious – she wants to take her third world self’s place and replay the survival game all over again. But what does Yuki want to do, and how will he achieve this goal?

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Mirai Nikki Episode 24

April 14, 2012

In my last Mirai Nikki post (about half a month ago…), I mistakenly said that episode 23 was the penultimate episode. That was my assumption – a reasonable one since everything else was finishing that week, 24 is a fairly common episode count to end on, and plot-wise the story *seemed* to be drawing close to a close. But no, the series has spilled over into the early weeks of the Spring season, and there will be a couple of posts to follow this one.

So with most of the series’ mysteries answered in the previous ep, 24 was going to have to deliver a fair few twists in order to keep things interesting. Which, of course, it did. Spectacularly.

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Mirai Nikki Episode 23

March 31, 2012

Wow, a new monthly record of blog views for the 5th time running! All this despite the fact I barely posted anything all month, and what I did post for Mirai Nikki was usually about a week late. 😛 I have a lot of posts planned out in my head though, so hopefully I’ll be able to get a lot of writing done this weekend and over Easter. 🙂

So much happened in the previous episode of Mirai Nikki that I didn’t know what to think anymore, but ep 23 answered a lot of my questions. Despite this, my post is unusually short, almost Kaiji length!

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Mirai Nikki Episode 22

March 22, 2012

Bah, I got off to a great start with over half the post written on the day episode 22 got released… then I got invited to a job interview on Friday, and have spent a lot of time preparing/panicking since. Still, job interviews are pretty high on my list of acceptable reasons to neglect my blog. 😛 Here’s hoping that something comes of this, but preferably not TOO quickly – I’ve only just started my placements at the libraries, and they’re fun!

The end is near in more ways than one for Mirai Nikki, so continuing where we left off:

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Mirai Nikki Episode 21

March 18, 2012

I’ve finally started my work placement, at two libraries! The first is in Barmouth, where I started last Thursday, and the second is Blaenau Ffestiniog, where I’ll be on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings next week. 🙂 Because I started late due to complications, the people running the course are looking into extending it so I still get the full 4 weeks experience. Which is a good thing for the most part… but it screws up my plan of ending in time for the new anime season. 😦

Ep 21 begins with Yuno running around killing some very derpy looking civilians on her way up the tower…

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Mirai Nikki Episode 20

March 4, 2012

I decided to get GotWoot’s non-speed sub version again this week, since I figured I wouldn’t watch it or post about it until the weekend anyway. This release came with karaoke for the new OP, allowing me to see the proper lyrics at last! I knew after about the second time I heard it that the theme was entirely in Engrish, but with such high speed and dodgy pronunciations, the only line I interpreted correctly was ‘Do you kill your friends?’. 😛

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