Identify the Anime on TSR!

Firstly, I’d like followers to know that my usual Mirai Nikki post may be late this week. Again. I’m experiencing terrible internet speeds, can just about load web pages if I’m patient enough, but getting hold of anime is proving difficult… I’ve fallen behind on five currently airing shows already. Still, there’s a chance speeds will pick up tomorrow, and if they do then Mirai Nikki will be my top priority.

But now that you’re here reading this, I may as well take the opportunity to shamelessly promote my new thread on The Student Room’s forum. Since I pushed my blog a lot on TSR in the past, it’s only fair that I send some traffic back their way now… even if it’s to my own thread. 😛

For those who don’t like clicking links without knowing what they’re getting themselves in for, I’ve posted 50 screenshots from various anime series, movies and OVAs in this thread – all you have to do is identify the anime from each image. I’ve even given you the first letter of the show’s names, arranging them from A – Z to make it easier. There are two rounds, an easier one where I’ve deliberately selected well known and popular shows… and a harder one featuring the kinds of anime you could expect to find cropping up in my ‘Overlooked and Underrated’ posts. This is the third ‘Identify the Anime’ thread I’ve posted there, but the only one that’s currently active. I’ve made a new one every three months since August, and plan to continue doing so for the foreseeable future.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, click the link above for more detailed info! Of course you’d have to join TSR to take part, but it doesn’t take long. The Anime and Comic subforum’s community on the site are great fun. 🙂 If you’d rather not sign up, fair enough, but feel free to have a go at identifying the five bonus pics I’ve uploaded here instead. 😛


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