6 Week Course + OCD = Time to Stall Some Anime?

I’ve signed up for another training course, this time one that’ll last six weeks (though sadly I won’t be staying in luxury accommodation this time). On paper, the first two weeks look to be more of the same, but hopefully a bit less intensive since they’ve got twice as many days to go over it. 😛 The four weeks that follow are what I’m really interested in, however… They’ll arrange a temporary work placement for this period. No pay outside the usual benefits and travel costs, and no guarantee of a permanent job afterwards, but hey, it’s experience, and it means I’ll be doing something productive. Of course, it also means I’ll have less free time.

Now I’m a little OCD when it comes to numbers – anything that doesn’t fit into a pattern can irritate me. Fortunately, a six week course starting on the 20th of this month fits into my illogical but very orderly plans perfectly! How? The 20th is the middle of this anime season – by then the 6th episodes of everything I’m following will have aired, and I’ll have a post up about them at last. The course ends on April 1st (seriously)… which is pretty much the start of next anime season. So in summary, mid season once I have a good feel for everything I’m watching, I’ll suddenly have less time for anime. Then unless I get a job out of this, I’ll have that time back by next season. Hmmm…

Here’s what I’ll do – after I’ve written my mid season post where I give my brief opinions about the 18 series I’m currently following, I’ll stop following 8 of them. This gives me time to focus on the series I REALLY like, leaving the less essential titles to be marathoned another day (or conveniently forgotten about). Don’t worry, Mirai Nikki is safe… expect delays though, this may spell the end of ‘Mirai Mondays’ once and for all. 😦 I won’t necessarily be keeping on all the shows I rate highly though; variation is important, and I like to have a ‘guilty pleasure’ or two.

I always planned to cut down my viewing if I ever got a job, and have done so in the past to focus on university, so it shouldn’t come as too much of a shock. And as I say, unless I actually end up employed (which I DO want to happen, in case anyone was wondering :razz:), I’ll return to normal viewing patterns just in time for next season’s GODLY lineup. My OCD is content with this situation. 🙂

I have a vague idea already which shows I’ll end up kicking, but I’ll give them one more chance to convince me otherwise with their 6th episodes. The Winter season shows in particular are still bouncing up and down my ratings every week, as they start to develop more interesting plots… or don’t. If nothing else, I HOPE the fact I’m dropping shows will convince people to give my mid season post a look. 😛


2 Responses to 6 Week Course + OCD = Time to Stall Some Anime?

  1. Justin says:

    LOL I can’t keep up with 18 shows…it’s just not possible….(Well, unless you schedule yourself^^) Good luck with the course!

    • Thanks! 🙂

      The way I see it, it’s *only* 18 episodes a week. At ~20 minutes each (a bit more maybe, depends on whether I like the themes or whether there’s any recap I can skip), that’s *only* 360 minutes altogether. 6 hours. Over 7 days. Easy! If it was just those 18 series, I wouldn’t have to drop anything while on this course. 😛

      However, I’m also watching two complete series, Magic Knight Rayearth and Good Witch of the West… If I only had evenings and weekends free, I’d prioritize the ongoing series so I didn’t miss out on discussions/get spoiled, and I wouldn’t get anywhere fast with my complete series as a result. Dropping 8 shows is more to allow time for them than anything else!

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