Shukufuku no Campanella 3

Before I begin, I’d just like to say I don’t plan on writing about Campanella only for the next ~9 weeks. I still plan to write about other things of interest, as and when they happen. I’ll actually be going to a friend’s birthday party in a couple of weeks, which will hopefully give me something to write about! But for now, back to Campanella!

This episode answered a question I’d been pondering for a while – do characters in these sorts of shows ever change their clothes?

The answer is both yes, and no.

Quest for this episode: gather the black rainbow flowers from the scary forest full of monsters. Sounds like it came right out of an RPG. 😛 It seems Agnes and Leicester have ulterior motives for picking this quest though, and Carina is noticeably jealous of how close the two have become.

The Clan Oasis members set out to the forest, via a short train journey. Stowing away amongst the cargo are their pair of stalkers, with their usual comedy routine…

Once the party arrives at their destination, they split up – Leicester and Carina take to the skies with Carina’s flying staff (called Montecchia, Monte for short) in order to locate the flowers from above, while the rest follow their directions on foot. At least, that’s the plan.

With Chelsea completely lacking a sense of direction, the rest of the ground based team are forced to chase after her, leaving Leicester and Carina to collect the flowers on their own. They begin to do this, but are then engaged in a random encounter with an evil flying squirrel. This is another ‘shouseki monster’ like the shadow dragon, turned evil by large amounts of eru inside a crystal. Leicester draws his rifle weapon, which seems to double as a sword, but this isn’t strong enough on it’s own. So Carina zaps it with her magic, but goes a bit overboard and uses up all her power. The monster is defeated, but she loses her flight power and goes crashing into Leicester. And a load of vines.

Somehow they all get back home in one piece, with both the rainbow flowers and the shouseki crystal taken from the squirrel. It’s at this point we find out what Agnes and Leicester were planning beforehand: to use the crystal to give Carina’s staff Monte a personality of it’s own! Apparently it wouldn’t turn evil due to having developed a bond with her over the years, and would be able to warn her when her powers are running out to prevent further accidents. Now I was expecting them to take the crystal, plonk it on the end of the staff, maybe mumble some gibberish, then magic stick GET! However, the real procedure seemed a lot more delicate:

It didn’t go right first time either, and much of the latter half of the episode was a montage of their failed attempts at giving the staff life, with nice music and romantic implications. But they did succeed eventually, giving birth to yet another new character, the now sentient Montecchia! An interesting addition, since it isn’t afraid to say what it sees/senses…

And that’s how this episode ends. But what happened to Salsa and Ritos, you ask? More of the same, with Ritos tricking her sister into driving the golem into a swamp. Salsa awoke later on to find her clothes had disappeared (though she had a towel at least), and Ritos escaped on the golem with her chasing far behind. I like these two, but I can imagine this getting very repetitive eventually. 😦


One Response to Shukufuku no Campanella 3

  1. Caraniel says:

    Talking magic cricket bat? 😆

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