Spring 2012 Episode Rankings – Week 7

It’s not just my anime rankings that change unexpectedly from week to week… last time I was complaining that rainwater was leaking into my room again, and reliant on a hot water bottle in the evenings to prevent frost bite. Now, there’s not a cloud in the sky, and the country is experiencing a heatwave. Maybe I should be outside making the most of it… meh.

This week’s rankings are as follows:

1 – Sakamichi no Apollon

2 – Tsuritama

3 – Eureka Seven AO

4 – Fate/Zero S2

5 – Jormungand

6  Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

7  Sankarea

8 – Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead

9 – Uchuu Kyoudai

10 – Acchi Kochi

11 – Nazo no Kanojo X

12 – Zetman

13 – Upotte!!

14 – Queen’s Blade Rebellion

15 – Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle 2

16 – Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan

17 – Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A

General comments:

  • For the first time, Fate/Zero didn’t even make my top 3 this week, despite it being a great episode. Why is this season so frustratingly entertaining!?
  • This week’s Upotte!! felt like a filler episode. To be honest, I was expecting the whole series to be like this at first, but recent episodes have raised my expectations.
  • Sankarea seems to be losing its formerly tight grip on 5th place… I’m hoping it isn’t too long before her father enters the scene once again to stir up trouble.

3 Responses to Spring 2012 Episode Rankings – Week 7

  1. GoodbyeNavi says:

    Yikes, I keep forgetting I need to catch up on Jormungand. You’re not watching Accel World?

    • Jormungand was pretty good this week, possibly the best episode so far in my opinion. Still a lot of room for improvement, though…

      Accel World is one of the many series I’m not following this season… I’ve not actually heard much about it to be honest. Would you recommend it so far?

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